Competition Winners

2017 Winners

9 Years & Under Fiddle

1st - James Nelson, NB
2nd - Emilie Duncan, NB
3rd - Mazie Carter, NB
4th - Ayla Williams, NS

10 to 12 Years Fiddle

1st - Amelia Parker, NS
2nd - Sara Nelson, NB
3rd - Marlise Carter, NB
4th - Katie McIlvena, NS

18 Years & Under Fiddle

1st - Beatrice Herwig, ON
2nd - Hannah Wade, NB
3rd - Madeline Carter, NB

19 to 59 Years Fiddle

1st - Andrew Crouse, NS
2nd - Michelle Larkin, NS
3rd - Scott Locke, NS

60 Years & Over Fiddle

1st - Lorimer Higgins, NS
2nd - Sylvia Campbell, NB
3rd - Don MacVicar, NS

Open Class Fiddle

1st - Yvon Cuillerier, QC
2nd - Janelle Melanson, NB
3rd - Martha Pitre, NB

Group Class Fiddle

1st - Janelle Melanson & Martha Pitre, NB
2nd -Yvon Cuillerier & Robert Vallee, QC
3rd - Sara Nelson & James Nelson, NB

Step Dance 15 Years & Under

1st - Marlise Carter, NB
2nd - Amelia Parker, NS
3rd - Madeline Carter, NB

Step Dance Open

1st - Beatrice Herwig, ON
2nd - Martha Pitre, NB
3rd - Janelle Melanson, NB

Special Awards

Ted MacPherson Award

- Emilie Duncan, NB

Youngest Fiddler

- Ellianna Lee, NS

Oldest Fiddler

- Yvon Cuillerier, QC

Come Back Award

- Michaela Rafuse, NS

Best Waltz

- Janelle Melanson, NB

Best Jig

- Janelle Melanson, NB

Best Reel

- Janelle Melanson, NB

Don Messer Award

- Janelle Melanson, NB

Tara Lynne Memorial

- Mary Smith, PE

Fiddlers Participants Award

9 years & Under

- James Nelson, NB

10-12 Years

- Amelia Parker, NS

18 & Under

- Nilan Ekanayake, NS

Winner - $500 Raffle

- Lloyd Bogle, NS


Here are the past winners of the Maritime Fiddle Festival. Some years are blank either because the festival archives do not identify the winner or because there was no award in a given year.
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9 & Under 10-12 18 & Under 19-59 60 & Over Open Group Best Reel Best Waltz Best Jig Youngest Fiddler Oldest Fiddler


15 & Under Open

Additional Awards

Come on Back Award Ted MacPherson Memorial Trophy Championship Class (1992-1997) Scottish Class The Don Messer Trophy The Tara Lynne Touesnard Award Fiddler’s Grand Prize Participants Fiddlers Award ( New 2016 )